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  • 05 July 2019
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Mystery Diseases and Me Read & Download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub “This book is a testament to the wonder of human resilienceRon’s very easy to read and frank advice has the potential to change lives”– Kate Chatfield MSc FHEA Course Leader MSc Integrated HealthcareSchool of Health University of Central Lancashire Preston England“A tale of health horrors decline and then recovery Ron finds the wisdom to understand that life is about Balance and the Choices we make” – Tad Yoneyama MD Vanderbilt Medical Center Ron relates his frightening story in an entertaining manner and demonstrates how he moved from victim to victor over his afflictions A great read for anyone facing health challenges – Laura Duksta New York Times bestselling author I Love You More“A must read for anyone who suffers with debilitating illness of any kind” ?.

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Mystery Diseases and Me Read & Download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub – Reverend Dr Linda Marie Nelson OSR Instructor at Metropolitan Theological SeminaryDo you or any of your family or friends suffer with any of the mysterious ailments listed below If so this book can help youFibromyalgia ▪ Restless Leg SyndromeObsessive Compulsive Disorder ▪ Eating DisordersIrritable Bowel Syndrome ▪ Bipolar DisorderLactose Intolerance ▪ Gluten SensitivityAnxiety Disorders ▪ Panic AttacksManic Depressive Disorder ▪ Adrenal FatigueDepression ▪ Shingles ▪ AnemiaChronic Fatigue Chronic Pain SyndromesAlcoholism ▪ AgoraphobiaPost Traumatic Stress DisorderConnective Tissue DiseaseRetinal Vein Occlusion ▪ Tinnitus Degenerative Arthritis ▪ Spinal StenosisDiverticulosis ▪ Benign Fasciculation SyndromeIntestinal Hemorrhaging ▪ Chronic Prostatiti.

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Mystery Diseases and Me Read & Download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ? Dena Bazzie LPC LMFT NBCC CTS CEAP“Ron’s book offers so much in what it takes to make it through life happy whole and inspired”– Joseph A Wooten Hands of Soul KeyboardistVocalist for the Steve Miller Band“A life affirming honest to God adventure It’s a modern day fable” – Billy Block ProducerHostMusician“This inspiring book will aid other patients and physicians too”– Kelly M Pitsenbarger MDThis book is spot on Each and every one of my clients could use a copy– Edward L Brinson LCSW“A testimony to the multitude of patients who continue to have unanswered uestions and find themselves living in their own dark abyss” – Paige Adams FNP B C MAPS Fellow Owner The Center for Proactive Medicine“A message of great spiritual wisdom for a suffering world”.