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  • 07 October 2020
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Summary Hideous Exuberance: A Satire Stephen C. Bird ✓ 0 Free read Download ´ Hideous Exuberance: A Satire It's the book your parents raised you not to writePlease refer to the Blog Posting on the Stephen C Bird Author Profile Page for uotes from Goodreads Reviews for Hideous Exuberanc. Supremely satirical hilarity cleverly combining irony and dry wit this uniuely eccentric and uite peculiar book is truly exceptional After reading the astonishingly impressive Catastrophically Conseuential by Stephen C Bird I was excited when presented with the opportunity of reading the preuel seuel Hideous Exuberance This collection of colorful stories that are cleverly inspired and totally genius had me glued to the pages for hours as I lost myself within the insanity The bizarre and individualistic characters add such vibrancy to the multi linear plots and oddly truth drawing realism that is hidden within Although extraordinarily unusual in the extreme this refreshingly original book professes the author s uniuely identifiable style perfectly as to make it stand out on the bookshelf as something a bit different Once again I am stunned by this aston

Summary Hideous Exuberance: A SatireHideous Exuberance: A Satire

Summary Hideous Exuberance: A Satire Stephen C. Bird ✓ 0 Free read Download ´ Hideous Exuberance: A Satire The predecessor doppelgänger kindred spirit of “Catastrophically Conseuential” Incongruous inappropriate preposterous; trashy explicit poetic phantasmagorical Blasphemous impr. This book was supplied to me free for the purposes of reviewingAt times challenging to read not particularly because of the content but rather the manner in which is was presented Cause and effect are divorced in this book as is a progressive story line character development is out to lunch sense and sensibility is neither up may be up on the other hand it may be yellowThe author appears to have had a fun time developing his stories in the blender fashion This is when you throw all the characters the plot line your sanity the english language and common sense into a blender and hit MAX on the dial Whatever comes out comes outIt is a delightful trip without having to leave the comfort of your own homeRecommended for a time when life just seems to be too regulated and ordered This book will certainly shake that perspective up or yellow like I said earlier

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Summary Hideous Exuberance: A Satire Stephen C. Bird ✓ 0 Free read Download ´ Hideous Exuberance: A Satire Essionistic inflammatory; outrageous unstructured inane A highbrow lowbrow comic fantasy nightmare A flamboyant surrealistic experimental reaction to the random nature of existence. The writing in this is often hard to read The names are often too long and used repeatedly and it makes for some very long sentences where I forget the beginning before I even reach the endThe stories aren t told in first person but some of them are written in dialects which can get tedious since it s not confined to dialogFor all the parody and satire the bits of A Clockwork Orange the class warfare and confining religions and sexual repression I m just not sure Hideous Exuberance accomplishes much of anything There are some places where I felt things could have gotten interesting but instead BOOM Excrement and ass cheeksI received a copy of this book for free to review