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  • 06 March 2020
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I Will Fear No Evil Read & Download ½ 104 So he has surgeons transplant his brain into a new body the body of his gorgeous. I took me about a month to read this sluggish piece of pelican crap Every day I d pick it up read about 5 pages and immediately become so bored I actually started cutting Yea right I may not have started outwardly displaying my inner pain by blading like a distraught high school dork destined to be the next trench coat mafia moron but anyone who liked this book probably shouldHaving read the lauded Heinlein classic Stranger in a Strange Land about a year ago and not enjoying it I really can t comment on why the hell I d think this largely ignored and rightfully so work might be some sort of improvement But the resale shop down the street has paperbacks for 50 cents so I guess that was the impetus for buying itI got about 1 percent of that investment back at least I will should I ever be stranded on a frozen tundra and need to burn this for heat It seems Heinlein is unable to write a book without having an integral character that s ancient beyond rich seething with sarcasm unspeakably clever and possessing an unparalleled sexual appetite This time that character is the focus of the book old ass Johann Smith entrepreneurbillionairelife supportee In order to cheat death as he s cheated the IRS legal system and the masses for years he enlists a controversial Aussie doctor to perform a brain transplant into a fresh young vessel for him giving him another chance to do whatever the hell he wants Alas the transplant takes place but his consciousness is unceremoniously dumped into the body of the ultimate male sexual fantasy his former secretary Eunice the epitome of male desire and a genuinely decent person to boot While trying to overcome the remorse and guilt that such a beautiful life was lost in order to extend his own wretched timeline Eunice s body actually retains her essence and the two fuse into one in a very cumbersome and unreadable manner And then they start fucking everyone Seriously Absolutely everyone Nurses doctors and orderlies male female or transgendered from the hospital where Johann was housed Johann s longest tenured friend and lawyer his entire security crew and anyone else able to get their groove on joins in including Eunice s former husband and his new love interestIs the book a tongue in cheek statement to how sexually repressed American s have become Is the wanton promiscuity even remotely interesting Is the cerebral debating between brain and host body ever close to redeeming over the course of 500 pages Absolutely not This book has threesomes foursomes and somes but it completely lacks any redeeming substance The same bullsht repeated incessantly about the divergent sexual s and public misconceptions between Eunice s day and some prehistoric epoch in the dawning Iron Age when Johann could still get it upYou d expect that there would have been something of interest concerning the social impact of the transplant procedure something involving anyone outside the microcosm of Smith s immediate group of friends that might take place Nada If it doesn t involve a sticky climax between awkward relations it didn t make the cut and that s the main reason this book doesn t have anything to offer Sure Heinlein probably realizes that his focus in books is a bit too narrow so he has little introductory recaps of the goings on in the larger world before some chapters This only exposes the reader to the realization of how large a gap this is and detracts from the tale if anything

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I Will Fear No Evil Read & Download ½ 104 Recently deceased secretary Eunice But Eunice hasn't completely vacated her body. I read this back in my younger sci fi days and it was so bad I never read another Heinlein book An old bloke becomes a young girl of very good looks and the point is laboured for about a 1000 pages Well that was what it felt like anyway Great cover though that smoking skull Good name for a book too Hey what the heck after having a look around Goodreads it all remind s me of some of the complete trash I once read I Will Fear No Crap Book I Once Read

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I Will Fear No Evil Read & Download ½ 104 Johann Sebastian Bach Smith is immensely rich and very old His mind is still keen. I have often wondered where was the point of no return the line of demarcation when Robert A Heinlein left his brilliant work of the 1960s and began his slow descent into weirdness and dirty old manity I think that line exists in I Will Fear No Evil published in 1970 True there was some creepiness prior to this Stranger in a Strange Land and there is also some fine writing after this segments of Time Enough for Love Job A Comedy of Justice and parts of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls but Heinlein never came back to the glory daysHeinlein is one of the all time greats one of my personal favorite writers but I could not bring myself to finish this one Rich old man pays for a uniue way to get a new body What follows is A LOT of internal dialogue about generation gaps differences between the sexes and AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH I just could not take any