Always a Stranger (EBOOK)

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  • Always a Stranger
  • Amara Royce
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  • 22 March 2019
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Always a Stranger Read & Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB When two worlds collide anything is possibleAn international affair London's Great Exhibition has taken the city by storm As its newest Royal Commissioner Lord Skyler Ridgemont must ensure the performers are properly contracted Among them is the delicate and graceful Ha. I thought the idea of a book set against the backdrop of the Victorian Great Exhibition involving an English Earl and a Japanese Entertainer at the Exhibit was uniue and I wanted to read it The story grabbed me from the beginning with the exotic fan dance scene and the mystery of Hana s circumstancesThis one is not listed as a seuel to my knowledge but in truth it is a follow upparallel story to Never Too Late about Skyler s cousin The two books have connections but this one can definitely be read as a standalone storyThe story opens with Skyler the new Earl of Ridgemont being named a Royal Commissioner for the Great Exhibition with his duties being to make sure the exhibitors are all on the up and up He receives word that one of the Asian acts does not appear to have been contracted so he goes to investigate He arrives in time to observe a beautiful mysterious woman perform a breath taking fan dance Across the space between them he feels a strong connection when their gazes meet When he goes to the backstage area to uestion her about her act and her manager she has disappeared and in her place is a boy with a smudged face and tattered clothes without the ability to speak EnglishHanako Sumaki is concerned about the arrival of this observant yet kind Englishman who seems very interested in her act Because of the nature of her master s shady business she cannot afford for him to learn anything He is persistent but not in the way of most men who want her He seems genuinely concerned each time they meet and it drives her to confide than she wishes to him and desire to be near him though that can go nowhereSkyler can t figure out the woman who has bewitched him He knows she is hiding so much and she is a great deal than she seems She is bright well informed cultured and patient in the face of ignorance Not that he misses that spark in her eyes and stiffening of her spine when she does hear crushing words and remarks from his fellow Englishman As gentle and caring as he is with Hana she still insists in keeping him outside her trust and won t let him help until Sky figures out what is going on and then he takes matters into his own handsSky and Hana are drawing closely together but Hana can t trust that his feelings are constant or that he will hold up under peer pressure She has taken care of herself and others for so long Sky has to decide if he is strong enough to go up against Society against family expectation and against Hana s own stubbornnessThe plot on this one was a complicated forbidden romance that managed to convey what it was like for an interracial romance that also had the difficulty of class issues too The balance of historical backdrop and the plot was good The story was at the forefront but details were there to fill in the gaps and paint a richer picture The plot is very much romance driven though there are spikes of action The first two thirds are better paced than the latter third it never gets boring There is a sort of waiting time for the dust to settle and people to establish a new normal after all that came before that which slowed stuff down I was mostly impatient just because I really liked the couple and wanted them to have their chance but it totally made sense that things couldn t be rushed because of the nature of the barriers As to the main players Hana was written in such away that she was all mystery at first and slowly her secrets are revealed a bit at a time Even with getting her as one of the narrators she keeps so much back until later Her story kept me so fascinated throughout the book Her background make her see things from a totally different perspective from Sky and she is so suspicious of him at first That being said she knew he was a good man She only really disappointed me once when she came at Sky hard for him to take her he hesitated to take up what she was offering but eventually he gave in when she begged and then she threw it up in his face when she had regrets and guilt Her reasons made sense and she was experiencing a near crisis at the time so I let it go But yeah regret or not when you did the seducing you own it in my bookAs to Sky he is Hana s opposite completely in that he is open hopeful and trusting He didn t see love coming but he didn t deny it I was so impressed that his love was so strong and confident that not once did he take the easy way out and offer her anything less than marriage He totally valued her as his eualAll in all I really enjoyed my first time reading this authors books the uniue storyline of this historical and its inter racial romance I definitely plan to go back to the first one for Devin and Honoria s story that I have sitting on my Kindle waiting for an opportune momentI would recommend this one for those who like slightly spicy Historical Romance particularly set in the Victorian periodMy thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this one in exchange for an honest review

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Always a Stranger Read & Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB True heart which holds a desperate secret When Skyler learns the real reason Hanako has been brought to London he will risk his entire world to win her trust and save her from losing both body and soul It's a feat that will reuire the type of courage only love can give. A historical with a Japanese heroine in a foreign country this sounds like all of the things I love

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Always a Stranger Read & Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nako Sumaki Draped in vivid silk robes Hanako's exotic Japanese fan dance captivates Skyler and he longs to learn about herBut Hanako's enigmatic employer keeps his exuisite charge very close The consummate artist she shows the handsome nobleman many faces but never her. What Meghna Sarkar ThoughtARC provided by Netgalley She twirled and flipped the fans with a mastery that transformed them wielding them with audacity than he had ever seen in a ballroom Lord Skyler has a new position as the Royal Commissioner and his first assignment is to enuire whether the oriental performers at London s Great Exhibitions are all properly contracted There he discovers a jade maiden and he is captivated by the lady s grace and elegance while performing a fan dance But attempting to find out about her threatens to land him into trouble than he can handle He is ably supported by his cousin Lord Devin and his partner MrsDuchampHana aka Hanako aka Miss Sumaki aka Miss Johannsen is a beautiful half Japanese half Dutch performer struggling to find a way out of servitude and to free her younger sister She is also proficient in twenty odd languages and a master of disguises When she meets this handsome Englishman with kind eyes she dares to dream of a different future but is aware that such a union is forbidden and will be considered dishonorable by Sky s family and the rigid English society The story narrates how she finally decides to believe that their love will overcome all obstacles and prevailThe background is different but the story remains the same clich A wealthy aristocrat rescues a fallen woman and despite societal censure chooses to marry her Ms Royce has tried very hard to make us sympathize with her heroine but she fails She wants us to see Hanako as an unwilling servant of her circumstances Though Hana wants to be strong she comes across as confused She changes her decisions at such a rapid pace that it becomes uite exasperating Moreover the dialogues and some of the scenes are too much in your face racist Everything could have been subdued and yet would have achieved the desired effect But miss they all look the same It is impossible to distinguish one Oriental from another Sky has a defined role he wants to save his beautiful jade maiden and will not let anything or anybody harm her The secondary characters seem to be stereotypical and hastily sketched all except perhaps MrsDuchamp The story is like a Hollywood starrer with a big name star cast but it just does not reach its potential I would recommend this only to people looking for old wine in a different bottle in Historical RomanceCharacters 3Writing 2Plot 3Cover 5 Overall 3