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characters A Sissy Diary Sallyann Book 1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB And so it turns out does his wife In A Sissy Diary we follow Scott as he becomes immersed in these darker desires with the help of his 'Auntie Lois' and 'Uncle Clif. Scott is a closeted cross dresserwannabe submissive who gets caught when his wife comes home unexpectedly and finds him indulging his fetish in full costume complete with his wife s wig and makeup This discovery isn t well received and Carly storms out in angerInterestingly the entire story is told through diary entries This device facilitates the conveyance of Scott s angst as he struggles to save his marriage by agreeing to a one sided open marriage arrangement that allows his wife to indulge her need for sex with a better endowed lover plus enduring little girl training at the hands of his brother and sister in law who have some kinky secr

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characters A Sissy Diary Sallyann Book 1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Scott has been living a lie most of his life He has a secret part of himself that he has not shared with anyone not even his wife Scott's life is changed the day tha. Sallyann is an amazing characterWife Carly Aunty Lois and Uncle Cliff bring this tale of DomSub relationships to life so vividlyPleasure pain humiliation and obedience training fill the pages someOpulentlyFor those who love femdom this book explores the world of sissy mengirls beautifully

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characters A Sissy Diary Sallyann Book 1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB T his wife catches him dressing in her clothes The crossdressing is only the tip of the iceberg that is Scott's secret Scott has other desires as well darker desires. This is one of those rare works of erotica that has a psychological and emotional depth beyond the turn on though it certainly has a lot of that as well What happens if unorthodox sexual fantasies of a sort usually seen as shameful really come trueScott is a crossdresser who is caught by his wife putting on her clothes What follows is an erotic tale of what happens to Scott involving his wife his sister in law and his brother in law What is unusual about this story of systematic humiliation is how it combines a level of psychological realism with the sheer erotic fantasy Scott is torn by ambivalence as the plot develops shame and sexual arousal are described