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Amber Cowie ✓ 9 characters

Read & Download Raven Lane ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Amber Cowie ✓ 9 characters Memories suspicion and unaccountable accusations Benedict is arrested Esme’s life too is changed foreverAs the neighborhood largely turns against her and her family Esme has time to think about her past and what to do next Then her fellow residents start looking deeper uestioning one anothe. Raven Lane by Amber Cowie is a thriller novel with an average storyline The suspenseful ending is a bit unorthodox but it isn t enough to revive the stereotypical plot involving rich people with their drugs and love triangles and whatever followsAcross the length of the book I encountered two grave mistakes Firstly in one of the scenes a character picks up her phone to do something but ends up putting back her laptop when distracted with something else Unless this was magical realism or some sort of fantasy that I failed to grasp the phone should have remained as such Secondly and importantly the author seems to have messed up with one of the chief character s name Head chef Anthony is introduced with a family name Cole but he becomes a King as soon you turn a few pages A huge oversight on part of the author and the beta readersWho is to say there aren t such mistakes I d highly recommend a few sessions of proofreads before the text is sent for publishingWhat I really liked in this book is the prose within the prose During the course of the story the chief character I am deliberately not calling her the protagonist or the antagonist if you know what I mean And that is all you re going to get from my review as far as spoilers are concerned reads a bestselling fantasy novel penned by one of her neighbors The author has done a good job to relate it to the main storylineThanks to the author and the publisher for the ARCVerdict Read it for its ending

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Raven Lane

Read & Download Raven Lane ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Amber Cowie ✓ 9 characters R and themselves about hidden lies and betrayalsEsme has than her share of secrets And the conseuences of what happened on that fateful late summer evening on Raven Lane are far from over When the mask of civility slips can friends and neighbors recover from seeing the monstrous truths beneath. RAVEN LANE is another excellent thought provoking domestic suspense installment with superb storytelling by talented author Amber Cowie She wowed readers and me worldwide with her knock out thriller debut Rapid Falls and she is BACK Sexy provocative edgy and scandalous Meet the suburban neighbors of Raven Lane a cul de sac with five detached homes arranged in a U shape tucked into an area just two blocks away from one of the busiest commercial areas Set in the Pacific Northwest an exclusive neighborhood Little traffic Safe neighborhood The residents of Raven Lane are drawn into a web of secrets lies betrayal scandal and tragedy What happens behind closed doors I adored the diverse neighborhood and characters chiefly the lyrical prose from Author Torn Grace From a former model a chef an author real estate agent a former movie star an artist plus The Truth Can Bring Out the Worst in the Best of Friends Atmospheric and twisty If you are a fan of Robin Harding s THE SWAP BIG LITTLE LIES and the TV series THE AFFAIR one of my favorites would never miss an episode you will find a lot to like here The purpose of referencing the hit TV series in comparison to Raven Lane I think there are some parallels and especially if you are a fan of the show this current Season 5 which is moody dangerous sexier and edgier than previous seasons In the aftermath of horrific events characters try to come to terms with the conseuences of their choices similar to the characters in RAVEN LANE Some have darkness and monsters within them Often they fool others and sometimes they deceive fool themselves As always I adore Amber s writing and her diverse and dynamic characters An ideal choice for book clubs and future discussions An excellent Reader Group Guide is included Highly Recommend All three books are 5 STARS Head over to my blog and check out my INTERVIEW with Amber s debut RAPID FALLSBe sure and check out her upcoming book Loss Lake coming Nov 2020 and my forthcoming A Elevator Ride Interview A special thank you to Lake Union print and NetGalley digital for an advanced reading copy JDCMustReadBooks

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Read & Download Raven Lane ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Amber Cowie ✓ 9 characters The truth can bring out the worst in the best of friendsEsme and Benedict Werner have an idyllic life in a tight knit community until an accident in their cul de sac ends in the tragic sudden death of one of their dearest neighbors After vindicating eyewitness accounts morph into contradictory. A story about the secrets that we try to hide but that always eventually come to light Dark character driven and addictiveThere were so many juicy and salacious secrets that came out in this story Amber Cowie really delivered a suspenseful book filled with dark pasts and hidden truths I would call this of a character study than an outright psychological thriller though there are certainly some twists Primarily though this is a story fueled by the character development than the action And I loved itRaven Lane is fascinating A close knit cul de sac who is heavily involved in the status of those who can move in Former model Benedict and his wife who owns a highly regarded restaurant are instantly accepted into Raven Lane But when Benedict hits novelist Torn Grace with his car things begin to unravel And it isn t long before secrets start to come out tearing apart the people in this tiny cul de sacI don t want to spill much about the secrets that is the best part of reading this book I will say this I definitely wouldn t want to live in this cul de sac These people have a lot of baggage and are a bit too involved with one another But I certainly enjoyed grabbing my popcorn and learning all of the juicy sordid details of this group who are uite frankly closer than neighbors should beA fantastic domestic drama that has made me a fan of Amber CowieThank you to Lake Union for my copy Opinions are my own