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  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery
  • Laurien Berenson
  • English
  • 24 January 2019
  • 9780758208149

Laurien Berenson ê 6 review

review Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laurien Berenson ê 6 review Enue Obedience Club looks like fun even if there are enough sexual and political undercurrents in the group to power a small generator Melanie is especially eager to bring Faith to the program at the Winston Pumpernill Nursing Home Club member Paul Lennox initiated the outings to please his Great Aunt Mary and since many of the other residents are also dog lovers the trips are now a tr. Melanie Travis takes her standard poodle Faith to obedience school Through one of the other humans in the class she learns that the class has been visiting a local nursing home to bring pet therapy to the residents On her visit Melanie has a wonderful time determined to return the next week But as she is leaving the nursing home she learns that one of the residents has been murdered This sets Melanie on her sleuthing adventure determined to find out what really happened to Aunt Mary This is a fast read and enjoyable Melanie has five standard poodles living in her home and it s a bit crowded In the middle of solving a murder Melanie her new husband and her son are also house hunting for the perfect house I liked the explanation of how pet therapy works

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Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery

review Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laurien Berenson ê 6 review Melanie Travis has her hands full these days what with adding a husband and three dogs to her already cramped home The advanced obedience training for her dog Faith is a welcome respite from the stresses of house hunting until murder forces Melanie to the head of the classEven amidst the chaos Melanie somehow manages to eke out a bit of time to get Faith enrolled in school The South Av. Rating 35 out of 5 starsI enjoyed this book in the series even though it wasn t my favorite It had dogs obedience school and a new neighbor who doesn t seem to have boundariesIn terms of the obedience school which was the dog theme instead of dog shows I felt that it was there to make the mystery happen and not to add to the plot While I would have loved to read about obedience school as with the dog show world the setting was superficial and really only served to provide someone to lead to the mystery I had expected and wanted details about the obedience classes themselvesThat said I really enjoyed the characters and mystery in this book I thought the mystery was nice and interesting and though it wasn t as serious or gruesome as others in the series I still enjoyed it As usual the gossip is the biggest and most relevant part to the mystery and I was happily surprised by the twist at the endThe new neighbor was really weird I don t really understand her point in the story as it didn t relate to the mystery While I understand it was an interesting bit in the story I don t think it was strictly necessary even if it did partially result in a change for the entire family Bob includedLast I enjoyed seeing Faith again Based on the description she seems like such a sweet and smart dog which is partially why I would have wanted scenes at obedience school so as to be able to see those smarts

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review Raining Cats Dogs A Melanie Travis Mystery ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Laurien Berenson ê 6 review Easured traditionMelanie and Faith are warmly welcomed at the home but their very first visit ends in tragedy when Aunt Mary is found suffocated in her bed There's no shortage of suspects from the wealthy victim's ne'er do well son to the staff to the secret laden club members themselves there's motive and opportunity aplenty All Melanie has to do is follow the trail and watch her back. On this series I see I came in on 12 I still enjoyed the story I figured I had missed some things but it was an easy enjoyable read with a lot of fun twists I did hate the murder part though I thought I might like her and was sorry to see her go Would have been sorry to see any of the residents there go but in a murder mystery I guess it s got to be somebody I enjoyed getting to know Melanie and her family and look forward to the next one I read