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  • Mother to Son
  • Jasmine L. Holmes
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  • 28 November 2020
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Free read Í Mother to Son Now as he grows and approaches the world as a black man Holmes deals head on with issues ranging from discipleship and marriage to biblical justice She invites us to read over her shoulder as she reminds Wynn that his identity is firmly planted in the person and work of Jesus Christ even when the topic is one as emotionally charged as race in Ameri. The formatting of letters to her son invoking a natural empathy for the reader Holmes elevates the format further with her candor tenderness balanced appeal to justice mercy and a gospel focused lens on the complexities of living as a Black image bearer of God

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Free read Í Mother to Son Wynn is my son No little boy could be loved by his parents Inuisitive fiercely affectionate staunchly opinionated he sees the world through eyes of wonder and has yet to become jaded by society's cruelty I know he'll grow up with stories of having been made to feel 'other' because of the color of his skin I want to teach him that though life's unfa. In Mother to Son Jasmine Holmes further confirms the impression I got years ago reading her blog her literary voice is so very kind From her vulnerability about motherhood to her continually gracious approach to race and identity her warmth wit and patience shine through She delivers truth and takes strong stances without ever compromising on empathy Also I cried a lot She hits you right in the feelings Her love of storytelling and literature are so evident I find myself jotting down the titles she references a bunny trail of good books Her beautiful narrative style makes this a fluid lyrical read which is a rare find in nonfiction I cannot presume to understand Jasmine s experiences but appreciate that she lovingly educates from her perspective She doesn t have to share her words to Wynn with us in a political and cultural climate that is angering and hurtful but she does anyway and it s a gift

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Free read Í Mother to Son Ir he still has incomparable value in the eyes of his heavenly Father I know this wondrous little person has the potential to change the world and I want him to know it too In Mother to Son Jasmine Holmes shares a series of powerful letters to her young son These are about her journey as an African American Christian and what she wants her son to k. This book packs SO much into just 150 pages Jasmine Holmes is unabashedly gospel focused and does the best job I have ever read of taking racial tension racial injustice and prejudice history family social media and pretty much any present day hot button topic and framing it with a Christ first approach She is relevant and poignant and her words should make pretty much anyone uncomfortable She does this with humility talking through her own issues and urging her son in this series of letters to learn from her mistakes and look first and foremost to JesusThis is a book that made me laugh cry scribble furious notes in the margins look up people I hadn t heard of add books to my reading list challenge me to see my own biases and history and encouraged me so much as the mother of a Black boyI m grateful for the group of ladies who have read along with me sharing their thoughts and reactions encouraging each other to have hard conversations and to move forward in our own