(E–pub) Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1) Author Erin Raegan

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  • Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1)
  • Erin Raegan
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  • 06 October 2019
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characters Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub T think I want them to leaveI don’t want him to leaveAt least until I realize why we stopped asking uestions Why we accept their vague explanations and strange mannerismsWhy we can’t shake the headachesThen I can’t get rid of them fast enoughI can’t get rid of him fast enoughEven if it breaks my heartThis story ends in a cliffhanger It is the first part in the Kilbus Lord series and takes place before the events of the Galactic Order serie. Immensely readable i stayed up all night reading and very sweet The author may not be the strongest writer technically but her world building characterisation and pace are perfect Dont miss if you have already read the Galactic Order series Newbies can read this first as it takes place prior to the earlier series 425 stars

characters Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1)Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1)

characters Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Small town Small life Smaller dreamsI’m content Happy It might not make sense to most people but this is the life I chose for myselfIf there’s a small part of me that wants to travel and see the world I’m okay with appeasing that desire with travel magazines and planning future vacations I want this life and a life full of adventure I don’t see why I can’t have bothI’m just fine with waitingBut something beyond me has already decided t. I loved Killian from the Galactic Order series and was so excited to read his story I loved Theo and how Killian fell for her because of her sweet simplicity purity of spirit and her love and loyalty for family I dreaded the end of this book knowing what was coming but I hope things turn around in the next one Theo deserves someone that will love her and give her the security that they won t leave her and charming funny Killian deserves his heart and HEA

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characters Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Hat my contentment with life is about to changeThat change came with three new faces Three new visitors that have suddenly before I knew what was happening taken over mine and my family’s lives They live with us They eat with us They sleep and share a bathroom with us I don’t remember inviting them I don’t remember consenting to their invasion in our livesI don’t remember much of anything these daysBut they’re hereHe’s hereAnd I don’. This was the perfect start to the new series I loved Kil s character in War for Earth and watching him slowly unravel over the course of books was painful We always knew a human woman had something to do with it now we know the details and Kil has every reason to unravel on a capricious whim he did something that bad and while he knew it afterwards he compounded the error over and over Poor Kil and poor Theo I can t wait to read the next book which should be out very soon and I hope she went missing because a certain someone was making up for his own errorsSomeone mentioned the cover It all comes down to personal taste personally I love this colour and the title just fits with the theme of the Kilvan Kil and the book