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Land Rites (Detective Ford Book 2) Summary è 8 S to expose Ford’s own dark secret the ticking clock becomes a time bombStill consumed by guilt over his part in his wife’s tragic accident and struggling to raise the teenage son he lied to Ford now finds himself losing control of the investigation Can he work with Hannah to solve the case while privately fighting off the attempted blackmail Or have his demons finally caught up with h. 35 stars When dismembered human remains are discovered by a dog walker in a badger sett in Salisbury countryside DI Ford is called to investigate He would be working alongside Dr Hannah Fellowes the Deputy Chief forensics officer and his team DC Julie Harper DC Olly and DS MickThanks to a tattoo on the victim s right arm DI Ford can identify the body of the victim as that of a young man named Tommy Bolter the youngest of three brothers believed to be members of an organized crime group Then a second body turns up in a drainage pond on a farmer s land Besides having a tattoo the victims have nothing in common It s up to DI Ford and his team to find a connection between the victims and the killer s motive and bring the killer to justice Meanwhile one of his team is selling information to the brother of the first victim DI Ford suspects DC Mick who s going through a divorce he d probably need money for his lawyer etcDI Ford s sixteen year old son Sam is considering following in his father s footsteps so Ford lets him in on a case he s working on now and then Ever since losing his wife Lou six years ago he s been growing increasingly concerned about his son s safety and has an irrational fear of losing him too much to Sam s annoyance Overall a good detective story Thank you to Andy Maslen NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for the ARC of this book

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Land Rites (Detective Ford Book 2) Summary è 8 Sprawling Alverchalke Estate ancestral home of a decorated war hero and his family One was a dogged eco activist and vocal critic of Lord Baverstock The other was a petty criminal and poacher youngest brother of a notorious local crime family Certain that there’s to this case than trespassing Ford and Dr Hannah Fellowes race to find the hidden link But when one victim’s family threaten. I received this book through NetGalley s Read Now programThis story begins with Det Ford being called to a scene where a person walking her dog has found a detached hand After his arrival the search brought up body parts of the individual There was still one part missing and Det Ford made the decision that he would go down the sett to find it This item was the victim s head Once it was discovered it was determined that this individual was the younger brother of a gang leader This gang leader gave Det Ford an ultimatum that he needed to find his brother s killer by the time of the wake or elseAs they began the investigation they were notified that another body had been discovered This person had been killed as well Once they found out who this individual was pieces of the puzzle came into place Because the bodies were discovered near a Lord s property they started to look at the individuals who were living thereThey ran into luck when they discovered that the last party killed was an environmentalist and happed to take films of where he went After discovering this they located on his laptop a file which contained all the films Unfortunately is was locked by a password Hannah the lead CSI had tried many variations to discover the password and was unsuccessful but Det Ford was lucky and able to break the code Once they were in everything fell into place and they knew who had killed the environmentalist This discovery all led to the gang leader s brother s killerTo discover who the killer of each of the victims were and how they were associated then you must read this book

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Land Rites (Detective Ford Book 2) Summary è 8 A country manor Two murders Multiple suspects Can DI Ford solve the case before his own dark past is exposedAfter a dog walker discovers human remains in a badger sett in the idyllic Salisbury countryside DI Ford is called in to lead the ensuing murder investigation When a second victim turns up in a nearby pond Ford is determined to find the connectionBoth victims met their fate near the. Book Review Land Rites Detective Ford thriller 2 by Andy MaslenPublished by Publishing UK April 8 2021425 StarsSalisbury Wiltshire southern England described by the Sunday Times as a best place to live remains a divinely attractive and welcoming placeEnter Detective Inspector Ford no first name deemed necessary nicknamed Henry for you d know who blues guitar player and crooner single dad of 16 year old Sam Ford still has nightmares ten year removed from the sudden death of his wife in a climbing accident at the crags of Pen y Holt Bay Pembroke west of Salisbury Both father and son in their own way still grievingDI Ford s a major crimes team leader at Salisbury s Bourne Hill Police H under the aegis of Detective Superintendent Sandra Monroe His team includes deputy manager Dr Hannah Fellowes nickname Wix for Wikipedia the department s own breathing and walking fountain of knowledge a senior CSI with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and expert in forensic psychology the psychology of lying on top of her adjunct teaching experience at no less than the FBI Academy in uanticoBook 2 A neatly pieced finely tuned modern police procedural along the lines of what may be expected from the great British mystery writers Author Andy Maslen s assembled cast of earnest players continue their exploits as they deal with a seemingly unrelated double murder a dismembered body found in an estate and another entombed in a sluice gate at a distant Chalke Valley farmTeam Ford s investigation is spiced with a dash of the local mob and wannabe toughies a serene vicar turned rabid eco warrior beholden to Gaia none other that the Greek earth goddess a pair of Regimental buddies whose friendship is baptized with live fire in Afghanistan and as with Book 1 a generous dollop of that ubiuitous spite and arrogance of British landed aristocracy acting pre Edwardian with their own land rites boasting of status above suspicion even as they d invariably be wallowing in some financial difficulty of one kind or the other as income from the sweat of vassals vanish a theme I ve noticed pretty much de rigueur in UK novels of lateAndy Maslen with UK law enforcement consultants also gives us a glimpse of what may be the current state of affairs in UK policing definitely not found in the first book new reuirements of meticulous policy making over a simple arrest paper upon paper upon CYA paper in this day and age of public awareness litigation mobile phone cameras and Instagram and full coordination with a SWAT fire team inter alia all fascinating stuff probably increasingly applicable as well in the USAIn the end what makes Andy Maslen s whodunit standout apart from the compelling mien background and methodology of DI Henry son Wix and collaborators is its special brand of twists and turnsA delightful uick readReview based on an ARC from Publishing UK and NetGalley