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  • Gary Crew
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  • 03 March 2018
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uest by Gary Crew Read µ 0 Hur Silverthorne the ueen's Ornithologist who has failed to return from an expedition to find the prized Silver Bird of Paradi. Great book nice use of words and of a mild suspension

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uest by Gary Crew Read µ 0 S new title in the Sam Silverthorne series Sam escapes from his heartless aunt's care and sets sail to find his father Sir Art. Sam Silverthorne s mother died soon after his birth His father an ornithologist spent much of his time in exotic lands searching for specimens of rare birds Sam was left in the care of his Aunt Bertha who did not treat him kindly At the age of thirteen he runs away and joins the crew of a sailing ship bound for Asia where he hopes to find his father who has not been heard of for some time This leads him to many adventures including being captured by head hunters in New GuineaThe imprint page of the book suggests it is for children aged 12 I would be happy to recommend it to teenagers much older than 12 As an adult it held my interest all the way through I only wish books like this were available for English studies back when I was a student Highly recommended

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uest by Gary Crew Read µ 0 In the late 19th century the world was full of mysteries to solve creatures to discover and unconuered lands to explore In thi. Rollicking adventure with lots of birds that subverts the common collonial attitude of the times